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Watch: Developing a convenient and sustainable out-of-home delivery strategy

Posted on 27th May 2022

Summary: Last mile sustainability is getting worse, not better. Discover how we can reduce emissions and increase sustainability and consumer convenience in the last mile.

Last mile sustainability is getting worse, not better. That was the crux of Mike Richmond’s, Doddle Chief Commercial Officer, presentation at Leaders In Logistics.

Although carbon emissions per parcel are creeping downwards for many carriers thanks to their good work, the growth in parcel volume has been enormous and completely overwhelms the positive impact of improved efficiency.

Fundamentally, the current growth in parcel volume is leading to higher emissions. The math is simple. More parcels = more miles = more emissions. In the below talk, ‘Convenient and sustainable: developing an out-of-home delivery strategy’, Mike outlines how we can reduce emissions in the last mile whilst being more sustainable and adding more consumer convenience through continued investment in out-of-home strategies.

Our sustainability report analysed the impact of different last-mile sustainability interventions and examined how parcel carriers can combat capacity challenges without contributing to worsening emissions.

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