Deliver more effectively & become a stickier ecommerce partner

Secure new partnerships with best-in-class returns journeys, expand and drive volume to your out-of-home delivery network, and handle growing parcel volumes more effectively and sustainably with consolidated deliveries.

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How carriers use our product set

Make PUDO locations more effective and attractive to consumers

The Self-Service Returns Kiosk allows customers to drop off returns in PUDO locations in under 60 seconds without printing a label at home, reducing queues and ensuring a great experience with a Net Promoter Score of +75.

Build a bigger, better PUDO network

Using Doddle’s PUDO application, carriers can extend their reach to consumers and offer more convenient drop off and collection points through third party businesses, from corner stores to supermarket chains to gas stations.

Reduce delivery costs with increased drop density

Deliver more volume into OOH locations by offering seamless technical integrations, so that merchants of all sizes can use your OOH network as a delivery option.

Understand the market and create practical strategies for growth and retention

Our extensive experience of first-and last-mile logistics helps carriers to reshape delivery and returns strategies, and secure leadership approval to enact them.

Win new business and reduce customer churn with a returns solution

The Digital Returns solution builds merchant loyalty and makes carriers a more attractive ecommerce partner by solving one of ecommerce’s biggest challenges for merchants, with a branded customer journey and intelligent returns management.

“We believe that utilization of Doddle’s cutting-edge digital technology in the last-mile business of e-commerce will enable us to offer a completely new collection experience to Japanese customers.”

34% cost reduction contributed to an increased purchase rate

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The Doddle Difference

Global expertise

We work with the biggest and best ecommerce, logistics and retail businesses in the world, which allows us to share insights and market-tested advice.

Speed to market

Our tech can be deployed in a matter of weeks to make onboarding merchants and host partners simple.

Low-risk model

Based on a per parcel fee structure, our commercial model means we’re incentivised to build long-term growth.

Insight and control

Our platforms feature an administration layer only accessible to the carrier, ensuring full reporting visibility, smooth onboarding and location control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Doddle’s technology help with first time delivery success?

Doddle’s technology ensures more volume goes through the out-of-home network. Our intuitive location finder gives consumers access to pick-up points with reliable opening hours. Compared to home deliveries, these PUDO locations have a higher first-time delivery success.

What can Doddle do to make delivery more profitable for me?

Delivering to PUDO points reduces the number of required journeys. The added flexibility results in more purchases, fewer miles driven per parcel, and a reduced failed delivery rate.

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