Doddle drives efficiency & new revenue streams for posts

Maximise the value of the retail estate with checkout integrations and digital returns, which drive post office usage. Handle growing parcel volumes more effectively and sustainably with consolidated deliveries.

Trusted by the best logistics providers in the world

How posts use our product set

Drive more utilisation and spend in the retail estate

By using Doddle’s checkout integrations and location finder, posts can offer merchants an easy-to-integrate out-of-home delivery solution that encourages shoppers to select post offices and other postal locations to collect their purchases.

Deliver a returns solution for merchants and drive revenue growth

Doddle’s customisable returns platform lets merchants offer a seamless customer journey to deal with returns, locks in returns volume for posts, and makes them better long-term ecommerce partners by solving a major challenge for merchants.

Understand the market and create practical strategies for growth and retention

Our extensive experience of first-and last-mile logistics helps posts to reshape delivery and returns strategies, and secure leadership approval to enact them.

Offer a better drop-off experience for returns

The Self-Service Returns Kiosk allows customers to drop off returns in as little as 60 seconds without printing a label at home, ensuring a great experience with a Net Promoter Score of +75 and minimising post office queues.

Deploy and develop a 3rd-party PUDO network

Using Doddle’s PUDO application and experience, posts can extend their reach to consumers and offer more convenient drop-off and collection points through third-party businesses, from corner stores to supermarket chains to gas stations.

Doddle were great to work with. The process we went on together really stretched our thinking and transcended local perspectives with international insights.”

Karin Enzlin, Innovation Manager, bpost

“We chose to partner with Doddle because it’s really important for us that we do work with the best in class from around the world.”

CEO, Australia Post

The Doddle difference

Global expertise

We work with the biggest and best ecommerce, logistics and retail businesses in the world, which allows us to share insights and market-tested advice.

Speed to market

Our tech can be deployed in a matter of weeks to make onboarding host partners and merchants simple.

Low-risk model

Based on a per parcel fee structure, our commercial model means we’re incentivised to build long-term growth.

Reporting and control

Our platforms feature an administration layer only accessible to the post, ensuring full reporting visibility, smooth onboarding and location control.

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