About Doddle

Our Goal

Doddle believes in the power of lasting impressions. For us, that means creating delivery and returns experiences that shoppers will remember and keep coming back to.

Our white-labelled technology enables your customers to collect & return their online shopping from the place that suits them best. Efficient, fast and flexible for consumers. Simple and cost effective for retailers. And greener, cleaner streets for us all.

We have a unique background in dealing directly with shoppers and pioneering technology innovations that gives us a unique position in the delivery and returns arena. We know that it’s not enough to simply offer technology – that’s why we consult with retailers at every stage to understand their specific needs and customer journeys.

Of course, it all comes down to the bottom line. We make retailers more profitable by powering solutions which drive loyalty, remove manual processes, minimise returns time out of stock, create cross-selling opportunities and give staff time back to focus on serving customers.

Doddle works with some of the world’s best loved brands like Amazon, ASOS, USPS and M&S, to name a few. We’re headquartered in London, UK, with regional teams in Australia, US, Europe and the Middle East.

Meet Our Team

Tim Robinson

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Tim founded Doddle in March 2014, with a vision to make delivery more sustainable and convenient for consumers, retailers and carriers through click & collect.

Adam Lauffer

Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Adam joined Doddle as a founding member of the management team in 2014 and holds responsibility for the company’s finance and operations functions.

Mike Richmond

Chief Revenue Officer – Carriers

Mike joined Doddle in 2014. Mike heads up the carrier team and is responsible for the global carrier go-to-market strategy.

Dan Nevin

Chief Revenue Officer – Retail

Dan joined Doddle in 2019. Dan heads up the retail team and is responsible for the global retail go-to-market strategy.

Justin Dery

Chief Executive Officer – Asia Pacific

Justin joined Doddle in 2017. Justin heads up the APAC team and is responsible for the regional go-to-market strategy.

Kentaro Aoki

Chief Executive Officer – Japan

Kentaro joined Doddle in 2020 and is responsible for the regional go-to-market strategy in Japan.

Kitty Poole

Chief Marketing Officer

Kitty joined Doddle in 2018 to lead our global marketing strategy, working with Doddle’s international teams.

Bob Griffiths

Chief Strategy Officer

Bob joined Doddle in 2016 and is responsible for all Product Development and Product Management activity at Doddle.

Mark Ransby

Chief Technology Officer

Mark joined Doddle in 2015 and is responsible for Doddle’s technology team.

Katie Langley

Sales Director

Katie joined Doddle in 2015 and runs Doddle’s sales teams, helping to bring innovative ecommerce logistics technology to parcel carriers and retailers.

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