We design, launch & grow PUDO networks around the world

The Doddle platform powers the creation, rollout and management of a PUDO network. Carriers can easily add new locations, improve the customer experience and increase parcel volume going through the network.

Trusted by the best logistics providers in the world

Drive more efficient & sustainable consolidated deliveries


of retailers agree that it’s important to offer delivery to places other than customers’ homes


of online shoppers plan to use OOH delivery in future


Reduction in miles driven to deliver equivalent volume to PUDO compared to home delivery

Increase drop density and reduce failed deliveries

Delivery to PUDO reduces costs by increasing consolidation, has a much higher first-time success rate, and can be much more sustainable than home delivery. Doddle’s PUDO solution allows your network to expand and become more effective.

Posts and carriers have estimated CO2 emissions savings of between 30% and 60% for OOH delivery versus traditional home delivery methods.

Offer a great experience for hosts and consumers

We built and operated our own PUDO network with this technology – we know what it takes to keep customers happy and make PUDO work for you and your partners. Automated and branded digital communications reduce parcel dwell time, increase customer spend in host locations and encourage repeat usage.

79% of ecommerce shoppers plan to use out-of-home delivery in future.

Easy to integrate

We’ve built, tested and deployed a wide variety of integrations, so your PUDO network will be fully integrated to the rest of your technology stack. That also means it’s easy to bring merchants on board.

One Australian retailer integrated to the Collect & Return network powered by Doddle and tracked their NPS as it increased. Read their case study:

Manage the full network in one place

Our administration layer enables you to smoothly onboard hosts & merchants, analyse network performance with customisable insights, and manage individual locations to ensuring you can fully understand and control your PUDO network.

Store application

Add Doddle’s award-winning application to new or existing in-store devices. The app manages the flow of parcels into the store and onto their storage shelves, and out into the hands of customers.

Location finder

Our checkout integrations display local out-of-home delivery locations for consumers at the crucial delivery decision point, in an intuitive, highly effective layout. Includes opening hours, distance and other key information about each location.

Reporting for merchants

Merchants can access reporting to understand the volume of deliveries going to out-of-home locations, shipment data and consumer behaviour.

Our tech

Advanced tech with seamless integration

Constantly improving and created with years of industry expertise, Doddle’s solutions are designed to maximise value for every stakeholder: carriers, merchants and consumers. Our technology is updated with refined integrations and user journeys all the time, moving with the demands of ecommerce.

Discover product details, features and specifications in the PUDO product brochure.

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We’re powered by technology, knowledge and partnerships


We’ve built, tested, deployed, and iterated upon our logistics technology for 9 years. Our world-leading suite of apps, web tools and APIs helps you solve complex problems quickly.


For years, Doddle has been delivering for the biggest and best logistics players and retail brands globally. Our team is experienced and dedicated to first and last-mile ecommerce.


As part of Blue Yonder, we’ve got the connections to make your first and final mile seamless, from kiosk hardware to ecommerce platforms to carrier integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Doddle’s technology help with first time delivery success?

Doddle’s technology ensures more volume goes through the out-of-home network. Our intuitive location finder gives consumers access to pick-up points with reliable opening hours. Compared to home deliveries, these PUDO locations have a higher first-time delivery success.

What can Doddle do to make delivery more profitable for me?

Delivering to PUDO points reduces the number of required journeys. The added flexibility results in more purchases, fewer miles driven per parcel, and a reduced failed delivery rate.

Can Doddle’s technology reduce the environmental impact of delivery?

We encourage consolidation of deliveries and returns into out-of-home networks. This reduces the number of miles driven per parcel. By digitising manual processes we reduce paper printing and waste.

Do you have a demo of your software and technology?

Our team is happy to demonstrate how Doddle’s technology can help you solve challenges in the first and last mile. Simply get in touch with a member of the team via the contact form to arrange a demo.

How does Doddle’s technology integrate with my existing solutions?

Doddle’s products integrate with your existing systems through APIs and webhooks. We have a wide range of existing integrations with popular marketplace and webstore platforms to ensure reach amongst merchants.

What is your post-deployment support like?

Doddle builds strategic partnerships with our clients. The process starts before deploying our technology and doesn’t end there. We help you adapt as the industry evolves and develops. Our experts assist with configuring our platform to meet your specific needs.

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