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Watch: Shifting the balance with online returns

Posted on 24th October 2023

Summary: Find out how retailers, 3PLs and carriers shift the returns balance.

63% of merchants stated returns are a significant issue for their business in our latest returns report, up from 57% the previous year.  

During Leaders In Logistics 2023, Chief Strategy Officer Bob Griffiths delivered an inspiring keynote that delved into how returns are being treated today, what the future of returns looks like and ultimately how retailers can shift the balance to prevent returns from being a massive drag on profitability.

To get there, we need retailers, 3PLs and carriers to deepen their technical collaboration to help bring the reverse logistics ecosystem up to scratch.

Turn ecommerce returns into growth

Our returns platform reduces costs, increases efficiency, and improves the customer experience, so you can give your customers a solution to one of their biggest problems.

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