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Automated returns drop-offs that delight customers

Consolidate returns, increase footfall to host partners, and give customers the best returns experience: no pre-printed labels, no packaging required, and done in as little 60 seconds.

Trusted by the best logistics providers in the world

Transforming returns into in-store opportunities


items returned through Self-Service Kiosks


customer satisfaction after millions of transactions


of shoppers says returns are significant to their shopping experience

Increase efficiency through consolidation

Shoppers bring high volumes of returns to a small number of locations, making collection and shipping more efficient and sustainable.

47% of consumers prefer to return online purchases at a collection point

The best returns experience for consumers

Shoppers can avoid queueing at a checkout and instead scan and drop off returns quickly on their own, saving them time. That makes them more likely to purchase additional items in the host location, and more likely to repurchase with the merchant.

Return in as little as 60 seconds

Expand your network of returns drop-off points

Self-Service Returns Kiosks minimise staff requirements and can be adapted to fit many more spaces than typical PUDO counters, opening up opportunities for new kinds of host partner to draw more shoppers to their stores and drive additional revenue.

93% customer satisfaction score

Brandable and accessible

Adaptable for your logo and colour scheme, Self-Service Returns Kiosks are also highly accessible (fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act) to ensure every customer can use your kiosks.

Seamless experience

Customers enter information via the touch screen, scan a QR code to generate a shipping label from the printer, and securely drop the return into the locked box.

Digitally integrated

Shoppers receive digital receipts confirming their drop-off, and the QR code booking ensures merchants have visibility over the returns journey.

Our tech

Advanced tech with seamless integration

Constantly improving and created with years of industry expertise, Doddle’s solutions are designed to maximise value for every stakeholder: carriers, merchants and consumers. Our technology is updated with refined integrations and user journeys all the time, moving with the demands of ecommerce.

Doddle helps leading retailer consolidate returns and drive revenue into owned store estate

Retailer A* wanted to offer more options to shoppers and utilise its stores as returns drop-off points more efficiently, with less impact on store associates. Doddle integrated and deployed the Self-Service Returns Kiosk, and demonstrated its effectiveness with over 2 million returns and a 93% customer satisfaction score.

We’re powered by technology, knowledge and partnerships


We’ve built, tested, deployed, and iterated upon our logistics technology for 8 years. Our world-leading suite of apps, web tools and APIs helps you solve complex problems quickly.


For years, Doddle has been delivering for the biggest and best logistics players and retail brands globally. Our team is experienced and dedicated to first and last-mile ecommerce.


Doddle brings a suite of partners and integrations to help you join up the first and final mile – whether that’s kiosk hardware, ecommerce platforms or international carrier integrations.

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