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Final impressions count

Posted on 28th March 2019

At Doddle we’re huge believers of the Peak End Rule – the premise that the end point of any experience can be your defining memory of it. Which is why we’ve always found it staggering that delivery is still so often treated as an afterthought when it comes to brand.

But it appears the tide is finally turning. Gartner L2’s Activewear Post Purchase Report reveals that a significant majority of innovator brands in activewear sector, are spearheading a new unboxing phenomenon and investing in the feel-good factor that comes when you unwrap your purchase.

According to Gartner L2, 88% of innovator brands in this sector now send out their items in a branded box and 50% invest in a custom interior, with leaders of the trend going a step further still. Outdoor Voices include a thank you note requesting Instagram content and depending on order size include a free tote bag gift in their delivery box.  

And it’s not just in the US that the trend is taking hold. In the UK, mini packets of Haribo fall out of the box along with your Wiggle order, a carefully curated lifestyle magazine accompanies your HUSH womenswear purchases and Mr Porter’s customers receive their new threads in a personalised box. All smart moves that make a brand instantly stand out.

Some may dismiss this as a costly gimmick. But with dedicated unboxing channels like ‘Unbox Therapy’ and ‘Sole Collector’ rapidly gaining a cult following on YouTube, the evidence appears to be stacking up that the trend of surprising and delighting customers is here to stay and is paying off nicely…

Want to find out more about why it’s worth investing in the delivery experience as a brand experience? Why not listen to our Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Richmond’s talk about the peak end rule at Metapack.

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