June 28, 2019

Amazon’s Prime Day becomes a 48 hour event

On last year’s Amazon Prime Day, over 100 million products were sold in a single 24-hour period.  Perhaps even more significantly, there were more Prime membership sign ups on 16 July 2018 than on any other day since the popular Prime scheme launched.

It just goes to show that whilst the old adage says that ‘content  is king’ when pushing Prime, it’s £££ off deals – especially when combined with fast delivery – that win out as key drivers of customer acquisition and loyalty.

While previous years of Prime Day had seen advance deals up to 12 hours before the day itself, Amazon has now officially upgraded Prime Day to 48 hours to stretch out the spending peak.

With over a million products set to be reduced for Amazon Prime members from Monday 15 July at 00.01am, Amazon is looking to set up Prime Day as a key peak event, as important to the retailer’s bottom line and future customer acquisition strategy as Black Friday.

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