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10 reasons to sort your Click & Collect service this year

Posted on 22nd November 2018

1.  C&C is where the growth is going to be 

While home delivery is set to plateau, C&C volumes are predicted to increase by 95% by 2022

2.  It’s what customers want 

74% of customers want a C&C offering when they’re shopping online

3.  It’s an easy way to give yourself a competitive edge

Although three quarters of online shoppers want to see C&C options at the checkout, less than half (47%) of retailers offer them

4.  It encourages customers to shop more 

The very presence of a C&C option would encourage 24% of women and 19% of men to do more online shopping with that retailer

5.  It answers customers’ insatiable appetite for convenience 

Over a quarter of parcels at our locations are collected after 6pm – beyond most traditional retailers’ opening hours. A third party C&C service enables your customers to collect their shopping on their own terms and in their own time and that fosters loyalty

6.  It drives sales 

C&C drives valuable footfall. Research with 10 of the UK’s top multi-channel retailers shows that 41% of C&C customers go on to purchase additional items with an average basket value of £20

7.  It encourages new demographics into store

At a time when it’s never been harder to encourage shoppers into stores, 40% of the Doddle customers in Debenhams stores who go on to make an in-store purchase are new to the brand

8.  It’s greener 

Offering sustainable delivery methods will win you consumer brownie points. Trip-chaining and collecting parcels while doing the weekly shop is a far more sustainable option than having tens of thousands of small vehicles on the road doing millions of individual home drop-offs each week

9.  It’s more cost effective

Consolidating your deliveries saves time and money and avoids yours becoming one of the 44 million retail orders not successfully delivered on their first attempt this year

10.  It’s simpler than ever before 

Leading C&C specialists like Doddle can help you supersize your existing C&C offering or create one from scratch.  Ensuring your people receive the training they need, that your systems are best in class and that your tech is cutting edge is just a conversation away….

All stats taken from the Doddle co-sponsored IMRG Click & Collect Report 2018. 

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