Returns Portal

Let shoppers book returns online, no paper required.
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Convenient returns keep customers happy

80% of consumers think retailers need better returns processes. Doddle’s digital returns platform allows customers to book returns, choose a location, give a return reason and updates them on their return and refund status with fully branded communications.

Doddle’s returns portal enables retailers to digitize the returns journey

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Reduce costs

No more pre-printed labels

Use our dynamic rules engine to enforce return policies

Reduce returns with actionable insight

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Increase revenue

Recapture the sale with targeted marketing content

Promote exchanges over refunds

Increase customer lifetime value by improving their experience

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Improve sustainability

Reduce the paper in the returns process with the help of the Label Broker® feature

Increase the number of convenient drop of points to reduce the need for multiple trips

Doddle Returns Features

Digitized end-to-end returns journey
Fully customizable retailer branded returns portal
Retailer branded customer communications
Paperless returns with an option to print a label
Integrated returns tracking
Capability to offer paid or free returns
Return rule settings e.g. non-refundable items
Return approval options
Returns data dashboards

The Doddle Returns Portal

Customer Journey

Doddle’s Returns Portal allows customers to book returns from your website, app or chat service. Then they can choose how to get their item back to you.

Customer decides to return

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They select which items to return online

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Reason codes captured

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Customer selects return location

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QR code received or option to print label

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Customers receive a confirmation email

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Get access to the free returns portal

See how much simpler your returns process could be.

Returns Integrations

Our digital returns portal integrations are quick and easy to deploy. Enabling you to quickly create e-commerce returns experiences that attract customers, create differentiation and foster loyalty.