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How to shop online and have orders sent to Doddle

How do I get my online shopping sent to Doddle?

It's super simple! Most websites have a checkout that looks a bit like this:

Delivery Address




  1. Put your Doddle ID here. It helps us to identify you super quick.
  2. If your Doddle ID doesn’t fit next to your name you can pop it here too.
  3. Type in the address of your local Doddle store. You can collect your parcels from here.
How it works
  • We’ll text and email you as soon as your parcel arrives in store.
  • Pop in to your local Doddle store at a time that suits you to collect your parcels.
  • It really is as easy as that! Doddle saves you time so that you can focus on the more important things in life, like what you're going to buy next!
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