Shop online, collect at Doddle.

Never miss a delivery again.
Just pick up your online shopping when it’s convenient.

Just look for Doddle at the checkout.

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  • Easy

    We have 267 stores nationwide, and on average we are opening a new location every two weeks.

  • Secure

    Your parcel won’t get left out on your doorstep, it will be safe and sound at your nearest store.

  • Open Early Until Late

    Doddle stores are open early until late, and many are open 7 days a week. So you can come and see us before work, after work, at lunchtime, at the weekend...

  • Fast

    We can't wait to tell you the important news - we'll send you a text or an email as soon as your parcel arrives in store.

To collect your parcel, you just need:

Your collection code and proof of ID, such as:

Current debit/credit card or bank statement

Passport or driving licence

Current utility bill or mobile phone bill

Current building society passbook

National Insurance card or NHS card