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Get a free Doddle ID so that you can shop anywhere online and use Doddle stores as your personal parcel pick up point.

Delivery Address



  1. At the checkout, enter your Doddle ID (A) next to your name. This isn’t your driving license number – you’re given a Doddle ID when you sign up with us. (Don’t worry, we won’t be asking your age, either.) Your Doddle ID (A) just helps us identify you quickly. If it doesn’t fit next to your name, it can also go in the address field.
  2. Use the address of your favourite Doddle store as your delivery address. (B)
  3. We'll contact you as soon as your parcel arrives, and keep it safe until you can come and pick it up.
  • Easy

    We have 260 stores nationwide, and on average we are opening a new location every two weeks.

  • Secure

    Your parcel won’t get left out on your doorstep, it will be safe and sound at your nearest store.

  • Open Early Until Late

    Doddle stores are open early until late, and many are open 7 days a week. So you can come and see us before work, after work, at lunchtime, at the weekend...

  • Fast

    We can't wait to tell you the important news - we'll send you a text or an email as soon as your parcel arrives in store.

To collect your parcel, you just need:

Your Doddle ID/Collection Code and proof of ID, such as:

Current debit/credit card or bank statement

Passport or driving licence

Current utility bill or mobile phone bill

Current building society passbook

National Insurance card or NHS card