Self-Service Returns

Let customers skip queues and allow staff to focus on selling.
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Why Self-Service Returns?

Doddle’s Self-Service Returns means your customers spend less time in lines and more time shopping. Even better, you give your staff time back to focus on helping customers.


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Great experiences lead to repeat customers

Blessing customers with queue-skipping powers makes them more likely to come back to you in future.

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Peaks are no problem

Whether daily or seasonal, peaks lead to lots of customers with returns coming to stores. Self-service diverts those customers away from your checkouts, keeping your store operation moving swiftly.

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Unburden staff

Staff spend less time dealing with returns and more time helping and selling to customers.

Fully brandable with your logo and brand colours

Customer information captured via touch screen inputs

Prints shipping labels

Accepts pre-booked returns with code scanning

Integrated to your systems

Secure locks on pod hatch and door

Self Service Machine

How it Works

Customer books return or walks in to store

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Customer scans code or enters order information

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Label printed

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Customer drops the item into the locker

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Staff get notified when the locker is full

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