The core technology layer powering our products.

The Doddle platform is our proprietary technology platform, which can be customised based on your business and customer needs. It manages incoming orders and returns, generates labels and barcodes to enable staff to process parcels, and creates QR codes and pulls in tracking information to be sent to customers.

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Total control, complete visibility

Get a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes with a complete overview of how your delivery and returns solutions are performing.

Dig a little deeper into the driving factors and use the data to streamline operations and increase sales. For a flawless customer experience, you can brand all delivery and returns customer touchpoints with the correct logos, colour palettes and tone of voice.

Fully branded touchpoints

During the delivery or returns journey, customers typically receive communications from various parties, whether retailers, carriers or payment providers.

This can be confusing, looks disjointed, and may result in these communications being overlooked or seen as spam. With Doddle, you’re in control of your comms. Upload your logos, amend the colour palettes and edit promotional email copy to match your brand tone of voice.

Reporting and analysis

Doddle’s business intelligence dashboards helps you make informed decisions, streamline operations and increase customer loyalty. See which customers use your collection and returns services, and measure the impact on their loyalty and lifetime value.

Reliable, automated communications

Let your customers know when their product is on the move, is soon to be delivered or has been returned successfully.

Our transactional communications have been specifically designed to deliver an open rate of +80% and pass through nuisance email filters and firewalls. What’s more, they use your branding assets, so the customer receives a seamless end to end experience.

Upselling and behavioural nudges

Take advantage of the footfall being driven into your stores by collections and returns and increase your opportunities to sell, using Doddle’s communications toolset. Send exclusive, time-limited, promotional offers for use in-store, or showcase your latest products and offers.