Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Bringing customers to stores and making their pickup experience memorable.
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Over 70% of shoppers use click & collect, twice a month on average
39% of shoppers collecting items in store make additional purchases
34% of leading UK retailers ecommerce orders are fulfilled via collections

Nailing the customer experience at pickup

It’s crucial to get the pickup experience right so that customers stay keen to come into your stores. Doddle’s Buy Online, Pickup In Store solutions ensure your customer experience stays top-class throughout, with easy-to-use QR codes to scan at pickup, and market-leading customer communications.

Same-Day Pickup

Instant Click Collect
  • Offer rapid pickup times to increase conversion by using store stock to fulfil ecommerce orders
  • Maximise store inventory usage

Contactless Buy Online, Pickup In Store

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  • Helping retailers maximize the value of their stores, in a socially-distanced world
  • Supports time-slots for customers & “I’ve arrived” alerts for staff member

Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Click Collect
  • Increased footfall to stores means more revenue
  • Slick customer experience encourages repeat custom