Contactless Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Deliver ecommerce orders to customers’ cars and comply with social-distancing rules.
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Contact-free is now essential

In a socially-distanced world, retailers need to find ways to maximize the value of their stores, whilst avoiding driving too much footfall into those stores. Contactless Buy Online, Pickup In Store makes that possible, by enabling customers to book Buy Online, Pickup In Store orders to be brought to their car trunk, eliminating customer-staff contact.

For retailers who do not have access to a parking lot, the solution can be adapted to allow collection from a minimal contact in-store collection point.


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Simple, branded collection & reminder emails

Making the customer pick-up process seamless.

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Easy-to-use staff mobile app

Store staff get an intuitive app guiding them through order handovers, helping them to stay efficient & reducing the risk of error.

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Supports time-slots for customers & “I’ve arrived” alerts for staff member

Time slot selection provides flexibility for your customer & allows staff members to prepare the right items at the right time.

How It Works

Customer places order on retailer website

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Customer selects time-slot & location for pick-up

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Customer receives confirmation message

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Customer receives email confirmation

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Customer arrives & parks in the indicated bay

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Store staff notified of order, time slot & bay number. Staff prepare order

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Staff member receives an alert to say a customer has arrived


Staff member retrieves the bags related to that order and brings to customer

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Staff member scans customer QR code to ensure correct handover & process is complete

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Customer receives a receipt email with a link to rate their experience and an offer to drive repeat purchase

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