We help to design, launch and grow PUDO networks around the world using our proven, scalable technology.
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The Doddle platform powers the creation, roll out and management of a PUDO network. Using the various tools within the platform, carriers can easily add new third-party locations, improve the customer experience and increase parcel volume going through the network.

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Store application

Add Doddle’s award-winning application to new or existing in-store devices

Store marketing tools

Allow your host locations to send consumer marketing emails to shoppers collecting or returning their items

Location finder

Our checkout widget highlights local PUDO points for shoppers to select from

Branded consumer communications

Keep consumers happy and engaged with relevant and timely communications

Management Information for Retailers

Give your merchants detailed information about their shipments, consumers and exchanges

Management portal

Onboard merchants rapidly at scale and use data-driven insights to understand PUDO performance across your merchant customers and host partners


Returns Benefit 1


Easily scale to thousands of locations

Low management for carrier head office

Maximise your existing locations with improved customer experience

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Address consumer demand, driving up conversion rates

Offer flexibility of location types – post office, third-party locations and locker

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End Consumer

More convenience & control over deliveries & returns

Self-service options, saving time for the consumer

Consistently great experience at every location

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Host Partners

Super simple to sign up and onboard new hosts

Minimise impact on host staff handling parcels

Collection And Return Journey

Consumer selects collection at check-out and preferred pick-up location

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Host location receives the parcel and starts the book-in process

PUDO Customer Journey 1

Consumer receives and email confirming that their parcel is ready for collection

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Consumer walks in, scans QR code & receives parcel

PUDO Customer Journey 2

Consumer receives collection confirmation email

PUDO Customer Journey 5 521x1024 1

Consumer decides to return

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They select which items to return online and reason codes captured

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Consumer selects return location

Returns Portal Mobile_7

QR code received or option to print label

PUDO Customer Journey 3

Consumer walks in, scans QR code & returns parcel

Returns Portal Mobile_4 521x1024 1

Consumer receive a confirmation email

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Japan has a home delivery culture and whilst parcel shops are used for shipping, they are not used for ecommerce.

Doddle is deploying the Doddle PUDO application in up to 50,000 Yamato partner shops to digitize previously manual processes and enable those locations to be used by Japanese consumers to collect and return online orders.


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