Create a compelling out-of-home delivery proposition, and drive volume through it by onboarding merchants seamlessly.
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We help carriers overcome the barrier of integrating out of home delivery options onto the retailer checkout. Our out-of-the-box plug-ins, APIs and other tools ensure a frictionless experience for both retailers and consumers across purchase and pick-up

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Seamless checkout integration

Out of the box integrations. Merchants can be onboarded using existing ecommerce plug-ins, one simple line of code (code snippet solution) or an API for enterprise retailers with existing location finder capability

Location finder

Provide your merchants with a checkout widget which serves up all of your PUDO locations

Branded consumer communications

Keep consumers happy and engaged with relevant and timely communications

Management Information for Retailers

Give your merchants detailed information about their shipments and consumers

Management portal

Onboard merchants rapidly at scale and use data-driven insights to understand PUDO performance across your merchant customers and host partners


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Increase drop density/consolidation to alleviate capacity challenges

Understand performance across all merchants & create a valuable data set

Low effort and cost effective set-up

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Quick and secure way to offer collections on the checkout

Flexible, cost effective and low effort integration

Product is regularly updated and enhanced by a team of experts

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End Consumer

More choice, convenience and control over e-commerce orders

Seamless and consistent experience no matter the location

Clear communication

Customer Journey

Customer chooses Click & Collect at checkout

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Parcel arrives in store

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Customer receives notification and QR code

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Over 70% of shoppers use click & collect, twice a month on average.

Customer walks in, scans QR code & receives parcel

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High driver costs, a high failed delivery rate and an increasingly mobile consumer were all factors that drove Australia Post to work with Doddle to offer more ‘pick up’ options to online consumers in Australia.

Doddle integrates to merchants that use AP for shipping to provide a seamless checkout experience for Australian consumers.



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