Turning returns into a competitive advantage and driving customer loyalty.
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81% of shoppers say retailers need to improve their returns services.
63% of shoppers won’t shop again at retailers after a negative returns experience.
88% are likely to shop again when the returns process was fast and easy.

The full returns journey

Returns are an essential factor in customer experience, loyalty and lifetime value. Whether it’s in your stores, to your sorting centre or through a self-service kiosk, Doddle’s returns products make returns simple for you and your customers. Doddle technology supports the full returns process, from post-purchase communications to returns booking to refund.

In-Store Returns

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  • Make in-store returns simple and digital

Self-Service Returns

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  • Allow customers to skip the queue with self-service returns hardware

Returns Portal

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  • Allow customers to book their returns digitally, without a label

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