Jeff Bezos commits $10bn to tackle climate change

It’s going to take a lot of investment from somewhere (or rather, lots of somewheres) to try to halt climate change and mitigate for the myriad changes it will bring. Amazon has been under fire for the last few years for its position as a dominant market force and massive international business, but has recently been trying to highlight its climate policies such as carbon neutrality by 2040 in order to appease investors, employees and customers alike.

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3 things to know from Move 2020

EVs are both amazing and awkward

Electric vehicles reduce tailpipe emissions to nil. That’s very cool. Obviously the energy used to charge them comes from a pretty carbon-intensive mix of sources, but there’s only so much logistics providers can do. Showing that there’s demand for clean electrical charging will be a start.

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Making last-mile work for 2030 – a new report

Last month, the WEF released an intriguing new report entitled ‘The Future of the Last Mile Ecosystem’ analysing the basic sustainability factors and potential interventions in the last mile at Davos. A collaboration between the World Economic Forum, McKinsey and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the report forecasts a base scenario for 2030 and then looks at and evaluates potential interventions in the market to achieve sustainable last-mile deliveries.

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Delivery-as-a-service platforms are taking root in retail

Postmates and Shipt between them now work with Target, American Apparel, Old Navy and Banana Republic to provide same-day delivery to customers of these retailers. The so-called Delivery-as-a-Service model uses an app to co-ordinate orders with delivery riders and drivers, much like Uber.

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Ocado vs primary school highlights urban delivery struggle

This week, Retail Week (£) ran a great story featuring a primary school parent group protesting the decision by Ocado to locate a new urban delivery refuelling depot next door to a primary school in Islington.

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Why returns data is crucial to customer experience

They call it the new oil. I disagree – data is way easier to obtain and also effectively infinite. Plus, it probably won’t be involved in a threat of total ecological collapse, at least until Skynet comes online. However, like oil it can be murky and opaque without the right refinements.

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Sustainable ecommerce is an oxymoron

I can’t stop thinking about sustainability. No, really. Between the big world news of bushfires & ‘doomsday’ glaciers and the smaller world of parcels I inhabit where we’re obsessed with electric vehicles and consolidation, it’s hard to avoid thinking about the future and how we can keep going without using up our scarce resources.

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How posts are thinking outside the (letter)box

It’s no secret that the postal landscape has completely changed over the past decade. Parcel volume has skyrocketed, growing at an annual rate of 20%. But with letter volume falling 4% each year and last-mile fulfilment costs increasing, postal profits are not growing in line with the boom in ecommerce.

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