Sustainable ecommerce is an oxymoron

I can’t stop thinking about sustainability. No, really. Between the big world news of bushfires & ‘doomsday’ glaciers and the smaller world of parcels I inhabit where we’re obsessed with electric vehicles and consolidation, it’s hard to avoid thinking about the future and how we can keep going without using up our scarce resources.

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How posts are thinking outside the (letter)box

It’s no secret that the postal landscape has completely changed over the past decade. Parcel volume has skyrocketed, growing at an annual rate of 20%. But with letter volume falling 4% each year and last-mile fulfilment costs increasing, postal profits are not growing in line with the boom in ecommerce.

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How to talk to customers about returns

As in so many things, communication is key when it comes to dealing with ecommerce returns. Marketers often talk about brand touchpoints, meaning the website, physical store locations, advertisements, sponsorships, and most crucially using/wearing/owning the product. However, one under-appreciated and crucially important brand touchpoint is the returns process.

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5 steps to speedy refunds

Our Pulse customer sentiment tracker shows that the single biggest cause for negative consumer opinions about returns is delayed refunds – customers hate the time between sending/dropping off a return and actually receiving a refund. The biggest sources of customer support engagements are missing or expected refunds which haven’t arrived. That shows just how frustrating an issue this is for shoppers.

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eCommerce, Delivery and Returns 2020: 5 trends to know

It’s a new year and a new decade, but some things remain the same. As in December there are the end of year (and end of decade) roundups and best-ofs and recaps, so in January there shall always be the predictions and outlooks and trend guides for the new year.

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Delivery market ‘isn’t delivering’, says Citizens Advice

Charitable organisation Citizens Advice says delivery problems affect 59% of shoppers every year, costing consumers £85m. The body produced a report titled “The Market Which Isn’t Delivering”, which calls for the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to review the parcels market.

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