Instant Click & Collect

Super-fast collection using store stock to fulfill ecommerce orders.
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With Doddle’s Instant Click & Collect solution, retailers can fulfil online orders with store stock.

That means customers can get same-day collections, increasing conversion by providing faster fulfilment than picking from a distribution centre.


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Supercharge conversion

Using store stock allows you to advertise and deliver faster collection speeds, boosting conversion at checkout.

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Efficient inventory

Reduce out-of-stocks online and excess inventory in stores by matching demand to local supply.

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Convenient, local collections

Make the most of your store locations by offering them as convenient drop-in points to collect online orders.


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Simple integrations to your checkout and carriers

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Intuitive App

Easy-to-use app runs on existing store devices

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Rapid Deployment

Live in 4-6 weeks

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Adaptable to your processes

How It Works

Store staff receive a notification

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Staff pick and store items

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Customer receives collection code

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Customer collects their parcel

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