Click & Collect

Using stores to offer convenient collections and generate additional revenue.
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Leading UK retailers report between 20% and 50% of ecommerce orders are fulfilled with Click & Collect. Ensuring those customers have a great experience is essential to ecommerce success.

Understanding customer behaviour and capturing data is key to improving performance – manual, paper-based Click & Collect processes are outdated.


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Bring more shoppers to stores

Customers bring their collection codes to stores, and they don’t leave their wallets behind. 39% of shoppers collecting ecommerce purchases in stores make an additional purchase.

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Keep customers updated with automated comms

Customers receive fully branded tracking information and notifications when their parcel is available for collection.

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Measure impact with analytics

You can analyse collection volume by location, time, frequency and product.


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Simple integrations to your checkout and carriers

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Intuitive App

Easy-to-use app runs on existing store devices

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Rapid Deployment

Live in 4-6 weeks

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Adaptable to your processes

How It Works

Customer chooses Click & Collect at checkout

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Parcel arrives in store

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Customer receives notification and QR code

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Over 70% of shoppers use click & collect, twice a month on average.

Customer walks in, scans QR code & receives parcel

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