At Doddle we're always looking for great companies to work with. We offer unique business advantages to both carriers and retailers. If you're one, why not get in touch and find out how we can make beautiful business together -

If you’re a carrier

With online retail sales expected to increase by 69% by 2017, we can help carriers keep costs and infrastructure investment under control.

  • The only service of its kind available to every retailer, e-tailer, parcel carrier and shipper
  • More capacity to meet the needs of retailers - especially during peak periods.
  • Fewer failed first-time deliveries - estimated to affect over 100 million parcels and cost the industry around £1 billion a year.
  • Creating the benefits of a single point to collect, return and send parcels.

If you’re a retailer

Doddle will give your customers a parcel pick up and drop off service that fits with their busy lives. For your business, that means

  • Increase in first time delivery rates
  • Quicker, easier and more efficient to return unwanted parcels
  • Improved customer satisfaction, a better shopping experience and more repeat sales
  • Fewer customer service enquiries, complaints and compensation claims and a reduction in the costs associated with them.