April 29, 2019

Half of UK consumers plan to only support retailers with sustainable delivery options

Offering online shoppers sustainable delivery options is rapidly evolving from a ‘nice to have’ proposition to a dealbreaker in customer loyalty.  

According to consumer research released in our latest Doddle Pulse, two fifths of Brits don’t believe retailers are currently doing a good enough job of offering sustainable delivery options with a quarter (24%) annoyed that home delivery is still positioned as the default delivery option in many cases.

This frustration is transforming into a consumer movement with 43% of consumers saying they would shop with a competitor that offered a greater range of sustainable delivery options.

Younger shoppers are leading this movement with 53% planning to use direct home delivery less in the future and 56% prepared to vote with their feet if a retailer doesn’t offer alternatives to home delivery.

And in the biggest wake up call yet, half of consumers say that in the future they would like to only support retailers that offer a wide range of sustainable delivery options.

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