November 28, 2018

Scaling ‘Popular & Useful’ services for Morrisons

Click & collect is part of consumers’ lives – positioning it in the places they go to each day or week is essential to drive take-up.

In the highly competitive grocery market, the need for differentiation and customer satisfaction is crucial to success. Morrisons chose Doddle to provide click & collect as a popular & useful service in order to attract new customer segments.


Morrisons, the UK’s fourth biggest grocer, approached Doddle in March 2016 to see whether the click & collect service could be launched in Morrisons supermarkets alongside a number of “popular & useful” services designed to support the retailer’s turnaround strategy. Morrisons faced a number of challenges not unusual for large retailers experiencing digital disruption, including:

  • Morrisons’ typical customer was from an older demographic and their in-store spend was decreasing 
  • Footfall into Morrisons supermarkets was declining amid rising property costs 
  • Attracting new customers came at a high cost

Morrisons identified the growth of online shopping deliveries and returns as an opportunity to address all of these challenges in a scalable and efficient way.




The Doddle service is being deployed across Morrisons’ 500 supermarkets, enabling collection and return of online orders when customers come in to do their grocery shopping. Morrisons’ staff provide the Doddle service alongside their day-to-day roles.

The service is administered by Morrisons staff from the customer service desk, via a mobile device. It is unobtrusive on store operations and doesn’t encroach on valuable floor space. Parcels are stored securely near to the customer service desk either in the back of house or in underutilised and secure storage areas.

Doddle manages the network closely alongside Morrisons Operations and Popular & Useful Services teams, providing ongoing dedicated
staff support.


In just two years, Doddle has become one of the most popular additional in store service at Morrisons.




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