November 20, 2018

Driving footfall & in-store spend for Debenhams via click & collect

Innovative collaborations between online and traditional retailers present opportunities to improve the customer experience and build loyalty at both ends of the retail spectrum.

Doddle connects online and physical retail environments through its proprietary click & collect technology. Helping online retailers offer their customers convenient delivery options and turning physical retail networks into Doddle “hosts” to drive footfall & spend.


In April 2017, Debenhams approached Doddle to understand whether Doddle’s service could be deployed within their department stores as a means of driving new customers into its store network.

Following a successful trial period, Doddle’s click & collect offering is now available in nearly all Debenhams locations, driving new customers into Debenhams, daily. Debenhams’ brief to Doddle demanded a service that offered:

  • Quick customer transactions
  • No additional staffing requirements
  • Intuitive processes for staff, quick and simple training
  • Opportunities to market & promote to Doddle customers visiting Debenhams stores


Case_Studies_Debenhams_graphDoddle devised a solution for Debenhams that would allow it to attract new footfall into its store without any significant impact on existing store operations.

  • Staff complete quick digital training programmes to enable them to complete four simple tasks – collections, returns, book in and book out
  • The solution has been optimised for millions of parcels to make it as simple and quick as possible for staff
  • The Doddle app has now been deployed in nearly all Debenhams stores


In evaluating the success of the solution, Debenhams reviewed transaction data from the promotions targeted to Doddle customers. The results were overwhelmingly positive:

  • During the trial period over 150,000 Doddle customers chose a Debenhams store to pick up or drop off a parcel
  • Almost a third (30%) of customers went on to make additional purchases in-store with an average basket value of £25
  • Nearly half (40%) of transactions made by Doddle customers were new customers to Debenhams


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