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Convenient and sustainable: developing an out-of-home delivery strategy

Last mile sustainability is getting worse, not better. To reduce emissions, carriers need to find ways to drive fewer miles.

Our 9 key takeaways from WMX Miami 2022

Discover the key insights from over 30 speakers and experts in the post and parcel world in our exclusive roundup.

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike joined Doddle in 2014. Mike heads up the carrier team and is responsible for the global carrier go-to-market strategy.

Could pick-up and drop-off points become the standard delivery option?

With stretched capacity, questionable efficiency and pressures on sustainability, the postal industry is seeing a shift from home delivery to PUDO points.

How Posts will come to rely less on mail

As letter volumes decline, posts are re-evaluating their physical footprint, but they have a huge opportunity to maximise its value.

Getting real on sustainability

Retailers and carriers alike must consider what really counts as sustainable, before consumers lose trust.

Putting PUDOs at the heart of sustainable ecommerce growth in Germany

With 3 quarters of Germans living in towns and cities, PUDO could become the heart of sustainable parcel growth

A new mindset for returns in Germany

PUDO is the preferred way to return items in germany – and could offer a way to ease pressure and reduce returns costs.

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