April 29, 2019

Convenience and sustainability – a profitable marriage for Amazon and Kohl’s

Returns and sustainability – two of the biggest issues dominating retailers’ thoughts at the moment. And it looks like Kohl’s is mastering both. The US giant has just announced that its trial accepting Amazon returns at a selection of stores has been so successful that it will roll out the service across all 1150 of its stores across the US from July.

The tie up is the ultimate all-round win. It gives customers convenience, drives new customers into Kohl’s stores, gives Amazon a physical presence and even enables both retailers to tick the sustainability box too as the service is packageless for customers. 

Once customers have dropped off their package free returns Kohl’s package and ship the items back to Amazon using their own logistics network allowing for huge consolidation of packaging and delivery journeys.

And the best news for these type of creative collaborations? Sustainability and creativity pay dividends! Kohl’s stock ended 12% up at the end of the day on which they announced their expansion plans with Amazon.

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