March 28, 2019

New Amazon Day service is the ultimate win-win for sustainability and convenience

We’re very interested to see the launch of Amazon Day, a service which enables Prime members to pick a convenient day of the week to receive all their recent orders on. Why are we fans? It’s an all-round win:

  • It answers the consumer’s desire for delivery convenience and predictability
  • It significantly drives down delivery costs for the retailer while maintaining great customer service
  • And it delivers on a sustainability front too. During the pilot of several months Amazon claim to have decreased packaging by tens of thousands of boxes

The Amazon Day initiative is part of Shipment Zero, Amazon’s drive to make 50% of all their shipments net zero carbon by 2030.

Of course, it’s a model that works particularly well for frequent order retail offerings like Amazon’s, but we believe it’s yet another Amazon driven template that will be replicated across multiple sectors.

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