January 25, 2019

Doddle News – NRF2019

NRF is always a calendar highlight but was particularly exciting for us this year as we announced our US launch at the New York based retail show.

Our launch will see US retailers and carriers able to invest in our full technology suite from click & collect and returns software and pick and ship from store software through to physical in-store pick up and returns infrastructure solutions that help drive valuable footfall into stores.

Speaking at NRF, our CEO Tim Robinson explained: ‘We want to create a better retail ecosystem.  Through our tech and partners we enable each stakeholder in the retail space – from brands to logistics providers to customers – to get a better experience in an increasingly complex and challenging landscape.’

With our new US Manager, Dan Nevin, in place, a huge consumer appetite to tap into (70% of US shoppers used click & collect in the last six months) and a number of exciting partner talks already in advanced stages, it looks like the expansion stateside is going to be an exciting one. Watch this space…

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