January 25, 2019

Actions speak louder than words

The movement towards a more socially responsible consumerism has been getting louder in recent years – from a focus on plastic bags or reusable coffee cups through to increased focused on the provenance of clothing or fair treatment of workers throughout the supply chain.

Whilst the ecommerce supply chain has been awash with studies in this area, there has been very little information shared with consumers on the environmental impacts of their delivery choices.

88% of consumers globally still opt for home delivery when online shopping  (Metapack: State of eCommerce Delivery 2018), with 74% of UK shoppers admitting that they ‘just automatically choose it’ (Doddle YouGov research 2019).

Yet, at the same time, over three quarters (77%) now say they’re conscious of, or care deeply about the environment when thinking about how the receive their deliveries (Metapack: State of eCommerce Delivery 2018). 

We think there’s a huge opportunity for retailers to drive a click & collect and / or PUDO agenda by highlighting the environmental and societal impact that decision can have, even if only opted for some of the time.

And just a reminder of why that might be a good thing for a retailer’s P&L: 

  • The very promise of a click & collect offer encourages more online shopping for 24% of women and 19% of men (Neopost: The State of Shipping, 2017)
  • In-store fulfilment options drive sales with 70% of click & collect shoppers likely to shop more when making their collection (IMRG Click & Collect Report 2018)

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