December 19, 2018

Nike launches innovative ‘Try before you buy’ service

Nike are always pushing the boundaries and we loved the focus on fulfilment in their new flagship NY store. Central amongst the innovation on show is the ‘Speed Shop’ – a winning USP for the brand.

The new service allows customers to browse online, select the shoes they love and instantly send them to lockers in Nike’s ‘Speed Shop’.  Once in store, customers use their phone to unlock the locker with their name on it, where they’ll find their personally curated selection of shoes ready and waiting.

Once they’ve tried on and selected the pair/s they love, they use their phone to check out without ever having to stand in line.

The cynics amongst our readership may say this is just ‘reserve and collect’ in a fancy box, but we support the view that great retail is about convenience and theatre and this definitely ticks both boxes.

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